The Truth

About Traditional Car-Buying Sites

We created Carjojo because we were tired of consumers being taken advantage of by online car-buying sites that claim to offer great deals for consumers when, in fact, they don’t.

How our competitors make car buying a terrible experience:



Whenever you see these phrases, you can be sure that you will overpay:

  • “Promise Price”
  • “A fair price”
  • “You won’t overpay”

  • “See what others paid”

At best, these phrases mean that someone, at some time, paid a higher price. They do not mean that their price is an objectively good one.



Car-buying sites often use a network of partner dealers which LIMITS your choices. That means you will overpay.

  • Sites with a network of dealers will sell you vehicles from those dealers only.
  • It is not in their interest to tell you if there’s a better deal available at a dealer outside their network.
  • Most likely they don’t even know what other dealers offer.
  • Often the network dealers won’t even have the car you want, and will steer you toward whatever vehicles they have in inventory, regardless of your needs.



If a car-buying sites says its service is “free,” you’re still the one who pays.

How do they make money?

  • Car-buying sites pretend they are there to help you when actually they are getting kickbacks from their car dealers for your business.
  • Dealers pay the sites hundreds of dollars when you buy a vehicle, and that cost is tacked onto the vehicle purchase price you pay.
  • Since the vehicle price includes this hidden fee, you will always overpay.


Spam And
More Spam

When a car-buying site asks for your contact information without promising that you will not be spammed, you will be spammed.

  • If a car site doesn’t clearly state that you will not be contacted by car dealers, then you can bet you will be contacted, often by numerous dealers, often long after you’ve bought your car. Friends forever.


by Design.

Overwhelming you with prices, specs, opinions, data, and even dealer ads causes unnecessary confusion, which is meant to make you overpay.

  • Buying a car at a great price is not rocket science, but many sites may make you think it is.  
  • Bombarding you with data is intended to make you reliant on the site, instead of your own good sense.
  • If you’re overwhelmed, you are more likely to overpay.

Why do they do this?

They work for car dealers, not for you.

Carjojo is the only car-buying service that actually works for you. We show you the new-vehicle inventory and analysis of over 30,000 dealer locations nationwide. We don’t use a dealer network or take dealer kickbacks. Our goal is to enable you to buy a new car at a truly great price.

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