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In many ways, this industry was built to mislead car-buyers on pricing. From seemingly every direction, buyers are mercilessly spammed and emotionally manipulated into overpaying. Carjojo’s cutting-edge technology and expert negotiators are here to level the playing field.

Don’t fall for weak offers “promise price”, “fair price”, “you won’t overpay” or “see what others paid”. Only Cajojo Guarantees the best price.

Car-buying sites often use a network of partner dealers which LIMITS your choices. That means you will overpay. Search 3.5+ million cars.

If a car-buying sites says its service is “free,” you’re still the one who pays. Carjojo never takes a cent from the dealer.

If they ask for your contact information without promising that you will not be spammed, you will be spammed. You’re basically sold off to the highest bidder as a sales lead.

Overwhelming you with prices, specs, opinions, data, and even dealer ads causes unnecessary confusion, which is meant to make you overpay. Don’t overpay, let us make sure of it!

Help me choose

CARJOJO’s patent-pending algorithms analyze nearly all 3.9 million new cars in the country—that’s a lot of choices. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, one of our experts can help narrow down the perfect car.

Carjojo showed that I could negotiate this car for about $2,500 less than the list price. That was $800-$1,000 less than Edmunds and TrueCar.

Did you know..

The truth about competitors.

CARJOJO is out to set the record straight. Here’s the #truth about how other car-buying sites work.

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