2017 Toyota 4Runner

Safety Ratings That Will Make

Feel Safe and Secure

by Bill Flitter

My family is currently looking to buy a new SUV. But which one? Our minds are completely open to any make or model, as long as it holds up to the rigors of family life in the burbs, including the following.


  • Costco/Sam’s Club runs
  • Hauling gear to sporting events and camping trips
  • Carpooling the kid’s teams and Cub Scout dens
  • High safety standards
  • Low maintenance
  • Seat the entire family
  • Great gas mileage

Oh, and we want to get the best deal possible.

Still under consideration, and worthy of a deeper dive (thanks to feedback from readers) are the Honda PilotHonda CRV, and the Toyota 4Runner. Today, I’ll start with the safety aspects of the Toyota 4Runner. I’ll be reviewing the safety features of the Pilot and CRV in separate posts.

Additional posts will cover the best features, technology, and maintenance issues for each of the Toyota 4Runner, Honda Pilot, and the Honda CRV.

2017 Toyota 4Runner safety ratings

The Toyota 4Runner 2017 Specs

2017 toyota 4runner safety ratings

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Toyota 4Runner Safety Ratings and Features 2017

The 2017 Toyota 4Runner safety ratings hover around 4 Stars according to the NHTSA, but there are so many individual parts that play such a vital role in keeping you and your family safe. Here’s a breakdown of all the safety features of the Toyota 4Runner.

Active Headrests

Active Headrests help prevent whiplash in the event of a rear collision. The headrest will move upward to intercept the occupant’s head. This reduce the risk of whiplash, an extremely common injury for car crashes.

This safety feature is not found on the Honda Pilot or the CRV.

2017 Toyota 4Runner safety ratings


The 2017 Toyota 4Runner has the following airbags: driver, passenger, rear, side head, rear head, side air, and rear body. It has a lot of air bags!

The 2017 Honda Pilot and CRV also have similar airbags.

2017 Toyota 4Runner safety ratings

Antilock Brakes

The 2017 Toyota 4Runner has ABS, 4-wheel disc and drum brakes, and brake assist; same as the Honda Pilot.

2017 Toyota 4Runner safety ratings


Auto On Headlights is a useful safety feature in that the car will automatically turn on the headlights when you start the engine. When you turn the engine off, the lights turn off.

There are times though during periods of light rain or fog that the lights will not turn on. In that case, you can turn them on manually. Auto Leveling Headlights are useful for when you drive over large bumps in the road. As the car tilts forward or backward, the lights adjust their level.

The Toyota 4Runner and the Honda Pilot has both of these headlight features.

2017 Toyota 4Runner safety ratings

Child Safety Locks

The Toyota 4Runner, Honda Pilot, and CRV all offer Child Safety Locks, which means the driver of the car can push a button to stop any passengers from unlocking their door, which includes any 4 year olds in the backseat.

2017 Toyota 4Runner safety ratings

Crash Rating

Another contributor to the 2017 Toyota 4Runner safety ratings is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS. The IIHS and the Highway Loss Data Institute have a rating system of Good, Acceptable, Marginal, and Poor.

The Toyota 4Runner scored an overall score of Good. But the ‘Child Seat Anchors Ease of Use’ only scored Marginal.

In comparison, the 2017 Honda Pilot and CRV’s overall score was Good in all categories with Superior front crash prevention. The 4Runner’s only ‘Marginal’ score besides the Child Seat Anchors was the Small Overlap Front crash test.

2017 Toyota 4Runner safety ratings

Traction Control

Traction Control does exactly as it sounds, it helps prevent the vehicle from losing traction with the road. This is a secondary function of the electronic stability control, which Toyota refers to as Vehicle Stability.

2017 Toyota 4Runner safety ratings

Vehicle Stability Control

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) helps prevent side skids and stabilizes the vehicle while turning on a curve, while Traction Control is a secondary function of the VSC. The Toyota 4Runner has both of these safety features as does the Honda Pilot.

2017 Toyota 4Runner safety ratings

Final Thoughts

The 4Runner has a healthy amount of safety features. The Toyota 4Runner Safety Ratings 2017  has an overall rating of Good from the IIHS and the 4 Stars from the NHTSA.

However, I did notice that the Toyota 4Runner does not have a forward or rear facing camera. It also does not have adaptive cruise control (ACC). The Honda Pilot and CRV both have rear facing cameras and ACC.

Standard Safety Features

  • Seatbelts- 3-point seatbelts for all seating positions
  • LATCH Anchor Points
  • Side-impact door beams
  • Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Anti-theft system with engine immobilizer
  • ToyotaCare featuring a no cost maintenance plan with roadside assistance

Over To You

The Toyota 4Runner safety ratings 2017 are important numbers to know if you are in the market. Is safety rating an important factor for you? Are any of these safety features a must-have for you?


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