30-Day Price Match Guarantee Terms & Conditions

30-Day Price Match Guarantee Terms & Conditions

• Only applicable to Carjojo Negotiation Service clients who purchased the vehicle confirmed through the Negotiation Service at the published Carjojo Lowest est. price or lower.

• Client must provide a personalized by name, written and signed (by an authorized manager of an authorized new car dealer) offer for the lower priced vehicle, including itemization of the MSRP, pre-rebate price, rebates, fees, taxes, total, and VIN, dated after the purchase of the Carjojo vehicle (as examples, e-mails, texts, advertisements and web listings do not qualify).

• Client must provide proof of purchase of the Carjojo Negotiation Service vehicle, with the same information as above.

• Only applies to new, in-stock, non-demo, non-loaner vehicles of the same model, year, trim, exterior and interior color, configuration, and MSRP with under 100 miles on the odometer that would be purchased, not leased.

• Only applies to pre-rebate prices, excluding all taxes and fees.

• Only applies to a straight sale without a trade-in.

• Only applies to vehicles in inventory within 100 miles of the dealership at which Carjojo vehicle purchased.

• 30-day period begins at the time the Carjojo Negotiation Service order is placed by client.

• If same or lower-priced vehicles are available on the Carjojo system at the time of original purchase, those vehicles are not later eligible as Price Match quotes.

• After being confirmed, the difference between the price of the Carjojo Negotiation Service vehicle and the new vehicle quote, up to $1,000, will be sent to client via check or direct deposit.

• Employees of car dealerships or manufacturers, and anyone who qualifies for car manufacturer’s “employee pricing,” and each of their immediate family members, are excluded.

• Carjojo reserves the right to terminate or change the program at any time.


For any questions, requests, or assistance, please contact support@carjojo.com.