34 Mother's Day Gifts

That'll Make Mom Love Her Car

by Cheryl Levy

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Time is running out to buy thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts you haven’t thought of yet to show your mom you love her. No need to panic if you haven’t decided on a present yet. We’re about to bail you out.

Moms on average make 5 trips and drive 29 miles every day! That means most moms, whether they want to or not, spend a sizeable chunk of their lives behind a wheel. So why not make that time as enjoyable as possible with a clever car-related Mother’s Day gift?

Did you know...

Americans are expected to spend an average of $172.22 on Mother’s Day gifts for their mom.

– National Retail Federation

50 Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Make Her Time In The Car Happy

34 Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Make Her Time In The Car Happy

Whether she’s a soccer mom, a carpooler, the owner of a brand-new Prius, a petrolhead, a Fast and Furious fan, a road-tripper, or someone who drives only because she absolutely has to, we’ve got ideas for Mother’s Day gifts good for any budget.

We’ve compiled a list of creative, thoughtful, and/or inspiring goodies for every budget and taste that we believe any mom will appreciate. If your top gift choice would break your budget, consider asking your dad or siblings to share the cost.

Speaking of driving, we’re going the extra mile here and calling out items you can have shipped in time for Mom’s Day because they’re available on Amazon Prime! Look for the asterisk *.

Did you know...

Spending on Mother’s Day Gifts is expected to reach $21.4 billion – $19.7 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day.

– National Retail Federation

Polarized Sunglasses

Even if she’s already got sunglasses, who wouldn’t love a second pair? Sun glare is no driver’s friend, and sunlight causes cataracts. So tell Mom you’re giving her polarized shades for her eyes’ sake. Bonus: They’ll make her look like a movie star.

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts Right From Mom…

Car wash and detailing gift cards! Our local car wash has a monthly unlimited wash plan, so that would be awesome!  Also, a detailing service. And a plug-in car hand vacuum.

– Mary S. Los Gatos, CA

Hands-Free Calling, Wireless Radio Adapter

Any multi-tasking driver will love this sweet little gadget that allows her to use her phone hands-free and listen to music on her device or on FM radio. She can also use her non-Bluetooth with the 3.5 aux cable included.

Mother's Day Gifts - STOGAV Hands-Free Calling, Wireless Radio Adapter

Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts Right From Mom…

An updated sound system is a good gift idea. I like to Bluetooth my phone and plug in my iPod for music and access it via my car’s touchscreen.

 – Erica K. New City, NY

Wi-fi Dash Cam Recorder

Does Mom enjoy sharing the family’s antics on social media or taking videos on road trips? Then she’ll love this high-resolution camera that connects to the internet. Of course, a dash cam has practical uses too, like documenting fender benders and the like. Plus, this one has night vision, parking monitor, and motion detection.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Goluk T1 Wifi Dash Cam Recorder

Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts Right From Mom…

Here’s a great Mother’s Day gift: I have this mirror for the backseat that I bought and I love it. I can see the baby in the rearview mirror without turning around to check on her.

 – Lauren F. San Bernardino, CA

Radar/Laser Detector

I hope your mom is not a speed demon. If she is, tell her this radar detector comes with the not-so-subtle message that you’re aware of her bad habits and you want her to slow the heck down. Because you love her and you worry. Most moms should be able to relate.

Mother's Day Gifts - this radar detector comes with the not-so-subtle message that you’re aware of her bad habits

Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts Right From Mom…

Phone holder, hands-free device/headset, phone charger and, if needed, an adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

– Janet R. Seattle, WA

7" Universal Headrest Monitor

For moms who drive kids around, this DVD player, built into the headrest, will keep backseat passengers entertained. Do her a favor occasionally: You do the driving so she can be the one chilling in the rear.

Mother's Day Gifts - Boss Audio Systems HIR70UB 7" Universal Headrest, Built-In Ir Transmitter,

Car Seat Gap Filler

Seat-gap fillers are lifesavers for anyone who has ever lost coins, lipsticks, pens, combs, coupons, business cards, gum wrappers, or French fries between the seat and the center console—you know: moms.

Mother's Day Gifts - Seat-gap fillers are lifesavers

Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts Right From Mom…

I’d love to receive music CDs, a car wash gift certificate, or organizing containers for the trunk area.

– Chris S. Gilroy, CA

Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS

If Mom’s car doesn’t have built-in GPS technology, here’s the next best thing. This portable voice-activated navigation system will save her time by keeping her from getting lost and routing her vehicle around stop lights and other obstacles.  Some brands work without cellular access and come with free map and traffic updates for life. If you aren’t sure which features Mom wants, consider giving her a gift certificate for a GPS unit.

Mother's Day Gifts - Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS

Decorative License Plate Holder

Moms who love flowers and other prints (you can tell by the clothes she wears) will be delighted by this touch of femininity on her license plate. You can have one personalized for her, but that will take a bit longer.

Mother's Day Gifts - Moms who love flowers and other prints (you can tell by the clothes she wears) will be delighted by this touch of femininity on her license plate.

Crystal Air Vent Clips

If she’s into shiny objects, these little crystal baubles will dress up Mom’s car interior with a touch of elegant bling.  There are ballet-themed clips, too, if your mother is into dance. Check the More Choices.

Mother's Day Gifts - crystal bauble clips

Car Console Organizer

There isn’t a mom in the world who doesn’t appreciate organization. This little adjustable organizer will help her keep every little necessity where it belongs and within easy reach. It packs flat too so she can store it out of sight.

Mother's Day Gifts - Lebogner Car Console Organizer

Multi-purpose Hammer & Emergency Kit

This multi-purpose tool kit is designed to lives in the event of an emergency. Mom will appreciate that your purchase of the Pink version of the Life Hammer & Res-Q-Me Kit will benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation with a donation.

Mother's Day Gifts - The Life Hammer slices through seatbelts and shatters car windows to release you and your passengers

Wireless Backup Camera

Is your mom driving car that doesn’t have a back-up camera? Well, here’s one with all the bells and whistles. She can pair it with her smartphone to watch streaming video of what’s behind the vehicle when she drives in reverse.

Mother's Day Gifts - Wireless Car Backup Camera and Obstacle Alert System

High-tech/Self-heating Travel Mug

Spilled coffee is the last thing a mom wants in her car. It leaves hard-to-remove stains and can burn somebody. Here’s a well-made travel mug, meaning it is 100% leak-proof and spill-proof. It’s the perfect choice for any mom who likes hot coffee-on-the-go but not on her car’s upholstery. Comes in a variety of colors.

Here’s a cup mom can use to make hot beverages right in the car. It plugs into the vehicle power outlet, heats water to a boil, then keeps it at the desired temperature.

Mother's Day Gifts - Self-heating Travel Coffee Mug

Pet Car Seat

If Mom’s favorite critter, after you, does not already have an its own car seat, carrying case, or safety harness, consider filling that need. It’s the best way to make sure everyone travels securely and in style, and Mom can concentrate on driving, instead of what her furbaby is up to.

Mother's Day Gifts - Pet Car Seat Holder

Backseat Organizer

For moms who transport smaller kids and babies, this will save her upholstery and her sanity. Her little passengers can mellow out watching videos on an iPad instead of kicking the back of her seat, while she keeps her eye on the road.

Mother's Day Gifts - Back Seat Organizer with Tablet Holder

Remote Car Starter

What mom wouldn’t love being able to warm up the car before she has to get in it? With the push of a button, she can start the engine from up to 1000 feet away You can purchase this remote starter and arrange to have it installed locally. Do some research online to compare product reviews, features, and reliability ratings.

Mother's Day Gift's - Remote Car Starter

Key Finder

If your mom doesn’t frequently lose her keys, please have her contact me. I need her secret! Seriously, most of us know the horror of searching for keys at the last minute. Save Mom the anguish and buy her this little lifesaver. It even comes with a handy LED flashlight so she can find things other than keys.

Mother's Day Gifts - Key Finder

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Even moms who forbid food or pets in the car must eventually contend with dirt, leaves, and other debris that accumulates on the mats and what have you. A car vacuum Mom can keep in the car and that plugs into the vehicle is a godsend for everyone who wants a cleaner car but can’t make it to the car wash as often as she’d like.

Mother's Day Gifts - Car Vacuum with Tire Inflator and Light

Cup Holder Device Charger

No mom enjoys driving around with charger cables and adapters all over the place. This elegant little charger can power multiple smartphones, iPads, MP3 games, cameras and just about any other device. Plus, it fits nicely in most vehicle cup holders.

Mother's Day Gifts - Car cup holder charger

Car Purse Hooks

I have yet to find a place in a car designed to store a woman’s purse. This simple little hook will do the trick, plus hold grocery bags, coats, hats, and anything else Mom wants to hang up. (Not you though.)

Mother's Day Gifts - Car Storage Hooks

Car Seat Mesh Organizer

This clever contraption turns wasted space into an expandable storage area. What could be better? Mom can use it to hold snacks, water bottles, papers, phones, and anything else that needs to be easily accessible from the front and back seat and yet stored securely. It also prevents the backseat passengers from disturbing Mom while she’s driving.

Mother's Day Gifts - Car Seat Mesh Organizer

Car Sun Visor Extender

If Mom complains of having to drive with the sun in her eyes, tell her you have the answer. This device will extend her visor, reducing glare, UV rays, and eye fatigue. It’s adjustable and will fit most cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Mother's Day Gifts - Universal Sun Shield

Air-vent Sunglass Holder

Everyone, even Mom, should wear sunglasses when she drives during the day. But where should she put them at night or when she goes indoors? Here’s a solution that will keep her shades handy and safe from getting lost or sat on.

Mother's Day Gifts - Sunglass Holder for Car Vent

Over to You

Do you have any ideas for Mother’s Day gifts for moms who love cars? What are the most amazing Mother’s Day gifts you’ve ever given or received ? Is there a present you can think of that you would not recommend for moms?