April Honda Pilot Sales

Strong Demand Helps Sellers

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by Peter Levy

Honda Pilot sales continue to see strong sales in April with only a small 1.05 percent dip following a surge in sales in March. Furthermore, after a steady increase in inventory in Q1 2017, April’s inventory decreased 7.28 percent. This indicates continued tightness in the market, and a corresponding upward price pressure. (Conversely, we’ve noticed an upward trend in inventory with Japanese manufacturers generally, including Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Subaru.)

Overall, Honda Pilot sales finish the first 4 months of 2017 (32,391) on the same pace as the last 4 months of 2016 (32,371).

Why this matters...

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Strong Honda Pilot Sales This Year Means More Trouble For Buyers

New Honda Pilot sales saw a 28.36% surge in March after declining sales in January and February.  April Honda Pilot sales are down 1.05 percent from the big March, but April sales of most makes and models had a larger drop.

Honda Pilot Sales Summary

  • April sales decline 1.05 percent from March.
  • Inventory levels decline 7.28 percent in April.
  • Inventory month-over-month growth averages 13.2 percent in Q1.
  • Dallas, Charlotte and Fort Worth saw the most sales per capita.
  • New York, Los Angeles and Dallas had the most total Honda Pilot sales of the top 20 US metro cities in our analysis.

Carjojo Negotiators See Strong Consumer Demand

The Honda Pilot sales data aligns with what Carjojo’s Negotiation Specialists continue to see – a strong demand for Honda Pilots. Our analysis looked at the top 20 metro areas where inventory levels appear to be healthy. Despite strong inventory levels in these 20 metro markets, in many suburban areas Pilot inventory appears to be low or hard to come by based on the dealer’s reluctance to negotiate.

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The Silver Lining

The good news is that production was up in March.  So long as that trend continues in April and May, national Pilot inventory may increase in May and June, relieving some of the upward price pressure.

So stay tuned. . . . .

2017 Honda Pilot Sales January Through April
April 2017 Honda Pilot Sales by Major Metro
Metro Area Pilot Sales Per 10,000 Residents
Dallas 1.7
Charlotte 1.7
Fort Worth 1.4
Denver 1.4
Philadelphia 1.2
Seattle 0.9
San Francisco 0.9
Phoenix 0.8
Austin 0.8
San Jose 0.7
Metro Area Pilot Sales Per 10,000 Residents
Columbus 0.7
Los Angeles 0.7
Houston 0.7
Chicago 0.6
Jacksonville 0.6
Indianapolis 0.6
San Diego 0.6
New York 0.5
San Antonio 0.4
El Paso 0.2


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