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[Honda Pilot Reviews 2017]

by Bill Flitter

On my family’s search for our new car, the Honda Pilot has been floating around our minds. We’ve had a Pilot for close to ten years and it has served us well. My wife loves how she can sit up high in it. She also likes all the cargo space in the back. Our current Pilot has over 200k miles on it and we need to trade it in.  We started looking at any Honda Pilot reviews 2017 that we could find – mostly in Honda Pilot groups and forums.

So as part of my research for buying a new car, I wanted to know what other moms who already bought the 2017 Honda Pilot like about it. This is what I found.

Throughout the summer, we’ll be exploring the features of are the Honda PilotHonda CRV, and the Toyota 4Runner. Today, we’re looking at the wonderful features of the Honda Pilot.

Honda Pilot reviews 2017
Honda Pilot reviews 2017

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10 Reasons Why Moms Love Their 2017 Honda Pilots

Third Row

Moms love the ease of the flip 3rd row space. All you need is a single pull to put the seat up or down. It’s so easy, you can do it with a grocery bag in your arms.

Plus, it’s big enough you can fit three smaller 12 year olds back there and it will work for 2 growing teens with ease.

Honda Pilot reviews 2017

Hidden Cargo Space

There’s a flip up hidden space in the back that can provide more room for stuff, like spare coats, blankets, first aid kits, and it can all be covered with a board for a flat cargo area.

It can even make for a great grocery bag pit!

Honda Pilot reviews 2017

Fold Down Second Row

Sometimes you just need to haul big stuff around. One great feature moms love is the amount of cargo space the Honda Pilot offers. You just fold down the second and third row of seats to gain a lot of room. This is just another reason why the Honda Pilot reviews 2017 are so positive.

Honda PIlot reviews 2017

All Wheel Drive

Moms like to keep their family safe and All Wheel Drive can certainly help with that. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or you find yourself on a dirt road, All Wheel Drive will help. Furthermore, it will keep your Pilot on the road with less slipping and sliding.

There’s even a traction management system with selectable modes to maximize grip over snow, sand, and mud.

Honda pIlot reviews 2017


Comfort can be very important, especially if you have a long daily commute or you enjoy road trips with the family. In that case, the Honda Pilot’s driver seat, a captain’s chair, is extremely comfortable.

In fact, the second row in the Elite Pilot also consists of captain’s chairs with arm rests. The third row is more like a smaller bench, but still offers legroom.

Honda Pilot reviews 2017

Great Vision

As I mentioned earlier, my wife enjoys sitting up high when she drives, it allows her a better view of the road and the surrounding areas.

This is a feature most moms love and the Honda Pilot provides great sight lines out of the vehicle.

Honda Pilot reviews 2017

It's Fun And Bright

Sometimes the simplest things are the best things, and moms claim the Honda Pilot is a “fun” SUV to drive! Plus, the sunroof is nice and provides light throughout the cabin.

Honda Pilot reviews 2017

The Smart Key

Busy moms who always seem to have their arms full can fully appreciate the remote smart key entry offered for the Honda Pilot. You can remotely unlock or lock the doors and start the engine. Now, you never have to take the key out of your purse or pocket.

The video below demonstrates the key on the Honda Accord, but don’t worry. The smart key is available for the Honda Pilot and they work the exact same way.

Honda Sensing

If you go with the EX-L, you have to choose between Honda Sensing, a rear DVD player, or a navigation system. For me, tablets make the rear DVD player obsolete. My phone connected to Auto Android makes the navigation system obsolete, too. Which means I would happily pick the Honda Sensing feature.

This includes adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning with collision mitigation braking. Lane departure warning with lane keeping assist and road departure mitigation as well. Some moms think that lane departure warning is pretty cool, too.

Honda Pilot reviews 2017

EX-L Luxury

For some moms, the EX-L model provides plenty of luxury with the leather seats. Sometimes the extra bells and whistles aren’t always necessary. The main differences between the EX-L and the Touring model is: nine speed automatic transmission, Satellite Linked Navigation, 20 inch alloy wheels (instead of 18) and Honda Sensing is included. Further research revealed that the 18 inch wheels actually drive and feel smoother than the 20 inch wheels, plus, they are cheaper to replace. For the Elite, the differences include: heated second row seats, panoramic roof, the blind spot feature is included, and LED headlights, which I’ve heard really do make a big difference.

Honda Pilot reviews 2017

Over To You

Honda Pilots come loaded with a ton of features that moms love. Do you love yours? Why? What features should we add to our Honda Pilot reviews 2017?  Please share in the comments.

If you’re looking for reviews on similar vehicles, you may want check out the Honda CRV reviews 2017.

Honda Pilot reviews 2017


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