Honda CRV Sales May 2017

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by Bill Flitter

My wife and I are in the market for a new sport utility vehicle (SUV). (Really, we are.) She loves her Honda Pilot, and it’s been a wonderful car. But with two kids, sporting events up and down the coast of California and a vehicle coming up on 250,000+ miles, we know we need to start seriously considering what we’re going to get next.

We’re not the first family to face this dilemma. In fact, I’m sure our dinner table talk as of late sounds a lot like thousands of other table discussions happening right now around the country. The conversation is the one where you have an aging vehicle and don’t know what your next vehicle purchase is going to be.

Being in the car industry, I wanted to share some of the independent research I’ve been doing on CUVs for my family in the hopes that you can use it for you and yours.

This post is part one of a two-part series.

What You Need To Know About Honda CRV Sales May 2017

You may be wondering why the Honda CRV made my shortlist to begin with. Here are a few reasons why I’m considering buying a Honda CRV.

Why the Honda CRV?

1. My wife likes them. I know this isn’t a feature or a functionality, but if I’m being honest, this is 100% a contributing factor of why we’re seriously considering buying one.

2. Safety. Honda’s sensing suite of active safety and driver-assistance technology is standard in all EX models and above. The branded “Honda Sensing” package of safety technology consists of collision mitigation braking with forward collision warning and pedestrian sensing capabilities, Road Departure Mitigation with Lane Departure Warning (LDW), adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance. The CRV checks all of the boxes when it comes to the 5 Most Desired Car Safety Features to Look For in a New Car.

3. Spacious. Honda claims best-in-class rear seat legroom in this segment, and I’d have to agree. The backseat feels roomy – an important trait for me with kids and sporting equipment in tow.

Comfort In Numbers

Being privy to Carjojo’s proprietary market data, my first stop in research – especially car research – is always the numbers. Let’s look at supply and demand, or sales and inventory, of the Honda CRV.

Year-over-year, Honda CRV sales were up last month by 29.17% (29,813) compared to May 2016 (23,080). A difference of nearly 6,750 cars. Clearly, my family is not the only one picking up on what Honda is putting down.

Nationwide, inventory of the CRV declined drastically last month to 39,771 recorded CRVs on car lots compared to May of last year when there was 61,714 CRVs accounted for. That’s a 55.17% decrease.

Why Is This Important If You’re Thinking of Buying a CRV?

Decreased inventory levels and increased sales is bad for consumers considering buying the CRV. This means dealers have the edge in the supply and demand curve for this vehicle.

With such strong demand, as shown by May’s CRV sales, coupled with the decreasing inventory levels, consumers interested in buying this vehicle should consider using a Carjojo Advocate to help get the best price on this top-seller.

What's A Carjojo Advocate?

Carjojo Advocate are automotive experts who use industry know-how and data analysis to help you navigate the new car buying process. More importantly they help secure the lowest possible price with the dealer – so you don’t have to.

The average savings a Carjojo Advocate have negotiated for CRV buyers is $3,467.63.

Honda CRV Sales Summary

  • May sales increased 2.83% from April
  • Arriving CRVs decreased from April to May, by 967 vehicles
  • Decreasing inventory averages 5.87% month-over-month in Q1
  • From May 2016 to May 2017 New York, by far, sold the most number of CRVs, accounting for 16.82% of all CRV sales in the U.S.
  • Rounding out the top 5 U.S. metro cities with the most number of CRV sales from May 2016 to May 2017 were New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Boston and Philadelphia

The Most Popular Trim Package: What to Consider in the Honda CRV

If you’re like me, you would like to know what all of your options are, right down to the trim. This is something to consider if you’ve honed in on the Honda CRV but need to decide which model to go with.

  • The most popular Honda CRV is the EX-L AWD model
  • The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of the EX-L AWD is $31,535. The average cost of the EX-L AWD for Carjojo customers is $27,899, with an average of $3,575 in cost savings
  • By U.S. metro city, the highest percent of EX-L AWD sales were in New York, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia
Honda CRV Sales May 2017
Honda CRV 2017 Sales By Major Metro

2017 CRV Sales By Trim

Sold % of Total MSRP
SE 2WD 16,226 10.90% $25,700
SE AWD 26,674 17.92% $26,800
Touring AWD 13,053 8.77% $34,400
Touring 2WD 5,909 3.97% $33,100
EX-L Navigation AWD 428 0.29% $40,100
EX-L Navigation 2WD 489 0.33% $32,500
EX-L AWD 28,866 19.39% $31,535
EX 2WD 9,952 6.69% $30,806
LX AWD 6,829 4.59% $26,995
LX 2WD 6,199 4.16% $25,735
EX AWD 20,405 13.71% $29,000
EX-L 2WD 13,823 9.29% $30,235

Most Popular 2016-17 CRV Trim Is The EX-L AWD

2017 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD Sport Utility Vehicle

Over To You

The Honda CRV brings a strong game when it comes to a total CUV package. I’m mindful of the supply and demand curve for the vehicle, but I like the functionality and features of the CRV for my family. But my research isn’t over yet. Stay tuned for part two, which explores the Toyota 4Runner.


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