Honda CRV Reviews 2017

7 Reasons Why Moms

Love Their CRVs

by Bill Flitter

We have family friends who have been driving their Honda CRV for at least 10 years. And they still absolutely love it. So, in my quest to find the best SUV for my family, I, of course, consulted them and turned to forums and Facebook Groups to see what moms are saying about the Honda CRV.

My friends love sitting up high with an elevated view of the road and surrounding area. The adapter plugs, which keep their devices charged while commuting is a favorite feature. An added bonus is the extra cargo space. Their old CRV also gets good highway and city mileage.

Throughout the summer, we’ll be exploring the features of are the Honda PilotHonda CRV, and the Toyota 4Runner. Today, though,  we’re looking at the wonderful features of the Honda CRV and why Moms everywhere love it.

Honda CRV Reviews 2017

The Honda CRV 2017 Specs

Honda CRV Reviews 2017

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Why Do Mom’s Love The CRV

Honda CRV Reviews 2017

Wheel Traction

Moms living in rainy states like front-wheel drive (FWD). While moms living in states that get rain, sleet, and snow prefer all-wheel drive (AWD). The 2017 Honda CRV offers both FWD and AWD for each of its trims, the LX, EX, L-EX, and Touring.

AWD means that all four wheels receive power. This is extremely helpful in all types of weather conditions to reduce slipping. However, this feature does not help with braking. Front-wheel drive, on the other hand, can provide better traction in the rain. For front-wheel drive, only the front wheels receive power and not the rear wheels.

Honda CRV Reviews 2017

Second Row Seating

Moms need flexibility, and having a second row that very easily goes up and down is a big plus. It’s great to have five seats when carpooling. There’s even an impressive amount of legroom for taller passengers. You can even fold down that second row to haul home a large new purchase or to dump that old piece of (small) furniture.

The 2017 Honda CRV offers a one-motion dive-down 60/40 split rear seat. You can easily fold down one seat or both seats by moving a lever found on either side. To put the seats back up, you simply pull up on the headrest and the seats slide back into place.

Honda CRV Reviews 2017

Rear-View Camera

Rearview cameras are a feature moms absolutely love when trying to pull out of a tight parking spot or when the back of the vehicle is so full she can’t see out of the rear window. So, it’s good news to hear that all trims of the 2017 Honda CRV come with a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera.

It allows you to choose from three different angles—normal, top-down, and wide. These different angles provide a better view of what’s behind you every time you shift to reverse, which is another reason the Honda CRV reviews 2017 are so great.

Honda CRV Reviews 2017

In-Dash Screens

These days, an in-dash screen loaded with features is an absolute must. The 2017 Honda CRV, for EX and above trim levels, features a couple of different screens. First, there’s a full-color 7-inch Driver Information Interface (DII) display. This displays the speedometer, mileage, door and trunk open indicator, miles-to-empty, tire pressure, exterior temp, turn-by-turn directions, and more.

Then there’s the second screen in the center of the dash. The LX model comes with a 5-inch “hard” display, i.e., not a touchscreen, and a USB port. The higher models come with a 7-inch touch screen display and two USB ports.

The screen allows you to control your Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and other streaming music platforms. You can also control the screen with the illuminated steering wheel controls or you can use voice commands.

Honda CRV Reviews 2017

Power Tailgate

An extremely helpful feature for moms is having a power tailgate, which opens and closes at a press of a button. With the 2017 Honda CRV, you can open and close the tailgate easily.  You can do this with either a press of a button, from the tailgate itself, or from a remote control.

If you’re in cramped quarters, you can even stop the tailgate from rising with a second press of the button, which can come in handy if you’re in a garage with a low ceiling.

Storage Space

Storage space is always at a premium for families, and car capacity is no exception. Families transport lots of stuff in their SUV (check out our car organizer hacks), so having extra space is always a good thing. The 2017 Honda CRV does have underfloor storage space located behind the rear seats, which is great for storing extra odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere else.

Honda CRV Reviews 2017

What's Missing?

The 2017 Honda CRV comes loaded with a ton of features that moms love, but it is missing a few, such as Built-In Booster Seats (apparently that’s a thing), a Third Row, Integrated Sunshades, and a Rear-seat DVD Entertainment System.

If you’re looking for some of those features, you might want check out the Honda Pilot or possibly the Toyota 4Runner.

Honda CRV Reviews 2017

Over To You

The Honda CRV is loved by moms. Do you love yours? Why? What features should we add to our Honda CRV Reviews 2017?  Please share it in the comments.


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