Introducing Carjojo

Pioneering a revolution in car buying.

We’re breaking the rules — allowing buyers to shop nearly every car in one place and with just a click, have a skilled professional negotiate the lowest price with a dealer, guaranteed by a 30-day price match.

Empowering car buyers

Avoid the mistakes that could cost you thousands...

In many ways, this industry was built to mislead car buyers on pricing. From seemingly every direction, buyers are mercilessly spammed and emotionally manipulated into overpaying. Carjojo is here to level the playing field.

"For buyers who feel intimidated by dealers, or just don’t have it in them to go through the whole process, Carjojo may be your new best friend once it’s time to buy a new car."

— Autos Cheat Sheet

Total Transparency

Technology working for you, not car dealers

CARJOJO’s patent-pending algorithms analyze nearly all 3.9 million new cars in the country allowing us to scientifically predict the lowest price that the dealer will accept and negotiate that deal for you.

Only Carjojo empowers buyers to get the lowest est. price on the perfect car in their area.

Shop nearly every car on one site

Have a professional negotiator handle all dealer communications

View the lowest est. price you can pay

Results speak for themselves

The average CARJOJO customer saves $4,500


We saved Mike Z. $6,071 plus rebates on his new GMC Acadia—nearly $5,000 below its price on traditional websites like Edmunds and Truecar


We found Alex D. the exact same red Lexus RX she was looking for and saved her nearly $7,000 off the MSRP, over $1,500 below our competitors.

* Buyer photos changed for privacy

Changing car buying for good

The New Way to Buy a Car

“I’ve been a leading auto industry expert helping consumers for decades, and I started this company because I know that buyers should not overpay by thousands of dollars to get the car that they need. That’s money better used for college, housing, vacations or retirement.”

— Peter Levy, Founder & CEO

Help me find my new car.

Need help finding the best deal? We’re happy to help you locate the perfect car at the lowest est. price.