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Who we are:

Carjojo is a data-driven, consumer-facing website that directs ready buyers to your dealership at no cost to you.


Carjojo was formed by the founder of IntelliChoice to enable transparency and efficiency in the new-car buying process, and to effect faster sales to consumers who are ready to buy.  Carjojo gathers data on almost all new vehicles for sale in the US and analyzes that data to estimate prices dealers may be willing to accept based on current market conditions. These predictions are offered to consumers for free. Additionally, consumers can request Carjojo to relay the Carjojo predicted price to the dealer. If the dealer agrees, the consumer pays Carjojo a fee.

Dealer Benefits:

  1. Carjojo delivers ready-to-buy shoppers to your dealership.
  2. Carjojo customers usually know the vehicle specifics, leading to fast sales.
  3. Carjojo NEVER charges dealers a fee, either directly or indirectly, for the leads.
  4. Carjojo treats all dealers equally.

Working with Carjojo

There is nothing you need to do to work with Carjojo. We will contact you when a customer hires us because they are interested in one of your cars.  If you will accept the Carjojo estimated price, great!  The car gets sold and we charge you nothing.  If you can’t agree to the price or the deal falls apart for some other reason, that’s the end of it and we still charge you nothing.


If you would like to assign a specific contact person for Carjojo or have questions, please contact us at
Further information:
Our FAQs are here.