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by Bill Flitter

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Now that the holidays are over it’s time to look at the best Christmas car commercials. The holidays are like the Super Bowl with creative commercials. Not only are dealerships trying to move the previous year’s inventory by advertising end-of-year incentives, but it has also become a holiday tradition for manufacturers to out jingle, out offer, and for you to out give with their latest makes and models.

Each year, every major car manufacturer puts their best foot forward in the form of a new holiday car commercial to entice viewers to consider making an end-of-year purchase – while offers and supplies last, of course – or to give the gift of a new car to a loved one this holiday season.

To ply for that attention, manufacturers pull out all the stops, and this year has certainly been no different. Here we’ve compiled a couple of lists – one of great holiday car commercials from previous years, and another of the best holiday car commercials of this year.

Grab your left-over fruit cake, candy canes and hot chocolate, this is going to be good!

1. Chevrolet, “Hunting Fish”

Hunter: “I could really use this Silverado. I’m a big hunter.”
Santa: “Oh, what do you hunt?”
Hunter: “Deer…fish.”

I’m still laughing over here. In fact, this whole “Giving More” series Chevy put out featuring Santa Claus was pretty great. Good job, Chevy!

2. Mercedes-Benz, “Naughty and Nice”

I think I speak for all of us when I say, I wouldn’t mind being on either of those lists in this instance.

3. Honda feat. Michael Bolton, “Happiest Days”

It’s good to have Bolton back, even if it is in a Honda commercial.

The Best Christmas Car Commercials of 2017

Without further ado, here are the top three 2017 Christmas car commercial.

1. Kia, “Light Up the Holidays”

We have to give Kia props for being so creative, and so synchronized, too.

2. Mercedes-Benz, “Pit Stop”

Who is Sally? And why does she get a puppy?

3. Audi, “Parking Lot”

I don’t know about you, but I’m stressed out! Also, I’m never going to a mall ever again.

Wondering Where The Car Bows Come From?

Check out this video on where the bows in car commercials come from.


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