What Would Santa Drive?

4 Of The More Likely

New Cars In Santa's Garage

by Bill Flitter

Dad, Coffee Lover, Coach, First Car: '79 Camaro

Prior lists have tried to speculate what the more likely new cars Santa drives in lieu of his reindeer powered sleigh.

We’re not here to create such a list – because some good things simply don’t need replacing. Like reindeer, for instance.

Plus, Santa’s sleigh is what makes it possible for him to deliver toys to all of the kids around the world. Like we needed to even say it, everyone knows that. We’re car fans here, trust me, but we also know their limitations.

Instead, we’re here to speculate what Santa’s ride is the other 364 days of the year.

  • What does he drive, for instance, when Mrs. Claus needs more baking ingredients for cookies?’
  • What does he drive when he needs to pick up more grain for the reindeer?
  • And what about when his beard needs a trim, which whip does he take out to go get his hair cut?

These are the questions plaguing us here, but we feel pretty confident the 2018 line-up has some strong contenders for what cars Santa drives – if he does and if he could.

4 Cars Santa Drives In His “Off Season”

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Cars Santa Drives Besides The Sleigh

Carjojo Starting Price: $35,200

Save up to $5,875 after Rebates

MSRP: $41,075 | 21 MPG City/18MPG highway

Guaranteed Best Price with 60-Day Price Match 

Without a doubt, Santa definitely has the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in his barn somewhere – and it’s in red, just the way it debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Not only does the 2018 Jeep Wrangler come standard with a 3.6-liter V-6 engine, but the fold down windshield coupled with the soft-top, hardtop and power-top options means you’re practically riding in the open air – just the way Santa likes it.

Toyota Camry

Cars Santa Drives In the Off Season

Carjojo Starting Price: $20,930

Save up to $4,259 after Rebates

MSRP: $25,189 | 39 MPG City/32 MPG highway

Guaranteed Best Price with 60-Day Price Match 

For the day-to-day simple stuff, Santa doesn’t miss a beat with the 2018 Toyota Camry. Again, we envision him driving it in the ruby flare pearl color option.

Not only is this 2018 re-make sporty, it’s also highly functional. Which are two qualities we associate aligning well given Santa’s list of priorities.

Buick Enclave

Cars Santa Drives To Run Errands

Carjojo Starting Price: $31,403

Save up to $4,582 after Rebates

MSRP: $40,985 | 15 MPG City/22 MPG highway

Guaranteed Best Price with 60-Day Price Match 

Santa wouldn’t go far without a car with plenty of storage. He just wouldn’t. The Enclave has three full-size rows of seating, and with a 3.6-liter V-6 engine running at a pace of 302 horsepower. It’s almost enough space and torque to fit a reindeer.

Plus, we find the Buick brand – despite in recent years trying to remarket itself as more modern than its traditional buyer would have you assume – has a relentless classical element that parallels Santa Claus’ timeless appeal.

Gamechanger! We don’t see Santa in the red quartz color option for the Enclave. Instead, we envision him driving around in the white frost trim package.

Subaru Crosstrek

Cars Santa Drives

Carjojo Starting Price: $20,879

Save up to $1,993 after Rebates

MSRP: $22,872 | 23 MPG City/29 MPG highway

Guaranteed Best Price with 60-Day Price Match 

We see Santa as a trendsetter, and as such it wouldn’t be hard to imagine him in the latest and greatest crossover SUV. They are and have been the ‘it’ vehicle in the automotive industry for several years now.

And the Crosstrek is subtly a really great CUV option. In true Subaru fashion, it is not customizable like a Honda or a Toyota. Rather it comes in what it comes in and that’s that. Subaru is kind of no BS like that, and we think Santa is, too.

The Crosstrek can comfortably seat five, plus has generous cargo space. And, like all Subarus, the Crosstrek is built from the ground-up to be all-wheel drive. This makes it unmatched in its all-wheel and 4-wheel drive capabilities.

Santa’s rugged, and so is a Subaru.

Over to You

As you go to pick out your new 2018 model, ask yourself, “What would Santa drive?” (#WWSD) Have your opinion on the new cars Santa drives? Tell us in the comments.