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May 2017

Report Introduction & Methodology

The Auto Insider Report May 2017 is our analysis and insight of the current state of the automotive industry.

This report is based on hundreds of millions of data points collected daily on nearly 100% of new cars on dealers’ lots – over 4 million cars (and counting) – across nearly all makes and models. This level of real time market intelligence is unprecedented in our industry, and unique to Carjojo’s technology.  The aim of our report is to highlight key industry trends – days, even weeks – before any other source is made public. Here we’ll highlight automotive sales and inventory month-to-month. All data is based on dealer inventory counts and vehicles sold by dealers.

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The Latest Research From The Auto Insider Report May 2017 By Carjojo

Vehicle Sales and Inventory Counts Up Significantly Since the Start of the Year

Month-over-month, vehicle sales and inventory counts were down slightly. However, both are up when compared to the start of the year. Specifically, Chevrolet, Ford and Nissan sales followed this trend, with sales down from April to May by less than 10% for all brands but up significantly, by as much as 25% for Nissan, when compared to sales in January.

Overall, sales in May were down by 2.19%, with 27,312 less vehicles sold, compared to sales in April. But, when compared to sales at the start of the year, 196,213 more vehicles (+18.68%) were sold in May than in January.

Chevrolet sales were down by 8.7%, with 13,739 less vehicles sold, between April and May. When compared to January, Chevrolet sales were up by 10.3%, with 13,465 more vehicles sold in May than in January.

Ford sales were also down slightly from April to May, by 5.75%, but up from January, by 15.6%. They sold nearly 20,000 more cars last month than they did the first month of the year.

The same trend was true for Nissan, with 2,191 less vehicles sold in May than in April (-2.38%) but 18,303 more vehicles sold in May when compared to sales in January (+25.62%).

Heating Up: Inventory Percentages Increase Across Several Major Brands

Inventory percentages for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep were up across the board. Two hatchbacks, Fiat and Mini, also saw significant increases in their inventory percentages. Fiat had the highest inventory increase, at 12.36%.

Jeep and Chrysler had very similar inventory fluctuations: In May, Jeep inventory percentages were up 7.70% (-8.20% in April) and Chrysler was up 5.94% (-8.46% in April).

Dodge inventory percentages were up by 4.39% in May (-11.99% in April). At the start of the year, Dodge inventory percentages were down by -3.82%.

Fiat inventory percentages increased by 12.36% in May (-6.12% in April). Meanwhile, the Italian manufacturer also sold 12.36% more vehicles, 298 more to be exact, in May than they did in April.

Similarly, Mini inventory percentages were up 11.19% in May (+0.65% in April). They also had a strong sales month and sold 389 more vehicles, an increase of 11.19%, in May compared to April.

Carjojo Auto Insider Report May 2017 - Automotive Inventory Volume
Carjojo Auto Insider Report May 2017 - Automotive Sales Volume
  April to May Percent Change in New Inventory Sales New Inventory Sales April to May
Acura -11.05% 13,206
Audi -0.02% 16,520
BMW -12.08% 20,357
Buick -14.66% 19,932
Cadillac -14.55% 15,988
Chevrolet -9.53% 144,215
Chrysler 5.61% 14,539
Dodge 4.21% 31,521
Fiat 11.00% 2,709
Ford -6.10% 147,685
Genesis 3.82% 996
GMC -3.50% 45,010
Honda 1.35% 122,934
Hyundai 1.60% 49,682
Infiniti -7.62% 9,397
Jaguar -27.90% 3,280
Jeep 7.15% 74,113
Kia 3.09% 43,406
Land Rover -35.30% 4,462
Lexus -4.25% 21,906
Lincoln -12.23% 7,988
Mazda 1.89% 23,273
Mercedes-Benz -8.41% 25,576
MINI 10.07% 3,864
Mitsubishi 1.84% 7,426
Nissan -2.44% 89,745
Porsche -100.39% 4,347
Ram 11.07% 42,588
smart -3.23% 310
Subaru -9.92% 45,976
Toyota 5.68% 166,298
Volkswagen -8.86% 22,619
Volvo -4.12% 4,391
Average -6.90% 37,765

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