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by Cheryl Levy

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It’s a new day for American women, and we at Carjojo think it’s the perfect moment for honoring car sites for women.

In recent months, we women have been more emboldened than ever to speak up, speak out, and claim our autonomy in the workplace and in our personal lives. The jury has spoken (and the jury is us): What we are willing to tolerate is, at last, up to our own discretion.

What makes this moment doubly powerful is how, in a spirit of sisterhood, women are showing the world they have each other’s back, rushing to each other’s defense on social media, demanding respect for women as individuals whose life experiences remind us of our own.

As women look to empower one another, it follows that women are more inclined to see each other as uniquely credible sources of support and information. This may be especially true when it comes to navigating unfamiliar and complex territory, particularly in areas traditionally considered the purview of men, such as, for instance, cars.

Numerous publications issue lists of top resources for women in virtually every area of life—career, money and business, health and fitness, travel, fashion, family, food, and more. But when it comes to the world of cars, are there women who have each other’s back? Where are the car sites created for women and/or by women? Does walking in similar shoes make a car-information resource more credible or more relevant?

I believe it does.

Top online resources for women car buyers, owners, and drivers

Women buy or influence the purchase of 85% of all cars. Without us, the auto industry would not thrive, according to top site,

But, while females drive car sales, we don’t necessarily enjoy doing it.  Most of us would rather give up food (well, water maybe) than go mano-a-mano with a dealer.

Can you blame us? Women have long reported feeling disrespected or even exploited while buying a car. In recent years, auto manufacturers have made a point of marketing directly to women. Some car dealers have also shown signs of improvement, for instance, hiring more women in car sales. But evidence of discrimination still exists. One study documented dealers quoting a higher price to women than to similarly prepared men for the same car!

Especially when it comes to negotiating with dealers, most of us—women and, yes, men—feel we are no match for professional salespeople who engage in it multiple times every day and are trained to seize every advantage. Dealing with auto mechanics is similarly concerning for women.

With all that in mind, I thought it would be worthwhile to take a look at resources that help women in particular successfully navigate these automotive waters and that speak to and from a female perspective.

So my team and I went searching for car websites created for women by women. We looked at blogs, automotive experts, businesses, non-profits, and individuals aiming to empower, enlighten, and/or entertain the car-buying and -owning female in the U.S. and beyond. Frankly, there were fewer relevant sites than we expected to find, but we uncovered some real gems we feel are worthy of recognition.

The result is a list of the 2018 best car sites for women. Specifically, these are woman-created sites that address women’s unique needs, interests, and concerns while respecting our intelligence and our time, without being esoteric or condescending. This is not a rank-order list, so the sites are presented below in no particular order.

We hope you’ll bookmark these websites for future reference, sign up for their mail lists, add them to your RSS feeds, and/or follow them on social media. And, in sisterhood, we hope you’ll share this list with women you know who may be interested in cars.

Before heading to the dealer, please check out some of these sites and, remember, you don’t ever have to settle for anything you don’t want. You belong in the driver’s seat, and here are some amazing resources ready to help you get there.

Why The Winners Won

Many car sites explore one or more traditional automotive topics, and most of our award winners do that as well, adding a much-needed female voice to these standard discussions:

  • vehicle reviews
  • car buying
  • maintenance
  • repairs
  • insurance
  • trading in or selling a car
  • industry news
  • auto show announcements

Beyond that, each of our Best of 2018 top sites for women fills a void most sites rarely address by providing powerful resources created by women experts and innovators in their respective fields, with female consumers in mind (although most welcome men in their audience as well). The upshot: accessible, insightful, and profoundly relevant info on all things automotive, including the following:

  • choosing a car based on features women want
  • vehicle reviews written by women, and his-and-hers car reviews
  • candid dealer reviews written and compiled by women
  • “female-friendly” certified dealer search
  • a place for women to submit dealer reviews
  • a place for women to submit auto service provider reviews
  • repair shop evaluations written by women
  • maintenance and repair advice that saves time and money
  • DIY how-to videos for non-mechanics
  • girlfriend-like car advice
  • Q&A with a female automotive expert
  • road-travel tips by and for moms
  • car-related product recommendations for today’s busy woman or mom
  • technology updates and other new car features that make a difference to women
  • eye-opening personal car-related experiences
  • insights into car culture through a woman’s eyes
  • a healthy dose of humor about the world of cars
  • and everything related and in-between

Please check out our award-winning sites, presented below. Some will speak to you more than others, but every one of them offers distinctive authoritative knowledge that can help any woman become a happier, more confident car buyer, owner, or driver.

And The Top Car Sites For Women Awards Go To

“Connecting Women + Families to Certified Trusted Dealers”


If you’ve ever left a car dealer wishing you could tell the world about your experience there, here is a site you have to see.

It’s impossible to overstate how valuable a service provides. As the leading car-dealer rating and review service for women, the site doesn’t only give females a voice in the car-buying process. It also gives dealers much-needed feedback from a female perspective. 90% of women nationally complete this survey of dealer evaluations, which include criteria women care about, such as respectfulness, trustworthiness, and a welcoming environment.


On, car buyers can read dealer reviews written by other women and locate Certified Trusted Dealers, who have been favorably evaluated by previous customers and approved by Women-Drivers.

But there’s more! also publishes side-by-side Her & His Car Reviews, where men and women separately evaluate the same car. The site also offers Hot Tips and Topics of interest to women drivers, such as Traveling With Your Pet. is also home to a blog and industry reports for dealers who want to more successfully attract and satisfy female customers.

Whether you are a consumer who wants to read or write about dealer experiences, or a dealer who wants to succeed with the female market segment, do yourself a favor and bookmark this site!


Finally, a place for women to read and write reviews on car dealers based on all the most important criteria



Since women use car dealer reviews 50% more than men, this buying segment is encouraged to share their experience and have their say at dealerships today. Women are looking for a relational purchase – not a transactional one. The #1 reason women choose a dealership is the trust they have in their sales advisor – price is secondary. We strive to make a difference for women and car dealers alike, by providing a transparent platform that fosters trust, engagement, and connectivity!

Women buy 52% of all new cars sold in the U.S. and are the fastest growing segment of buyers for new and used cars.


The brainchild of award-winning entrepreneur, certified auto mechanic, shop owner, and mom, Audra Fordin, Women Auto Know (WAK)’s mission is to help women become more confident and knowledgeable about auto care.


To this end, connects women drivers with local auto shops pledged to meet WAK standards with essentials such as a clean waiting room and restroom, and an environment that is respectful of women and families.

Additionally, the site provides much-needed auto care resources, including a place for female consumers to write and/or read reviews of auto repair shops. Also on the site are handy educational auto-care sections, written in everyday language, on automotive parts, systems, and maintenance. Plus, there’s a blog that’s all about empowering women as car owners and consumers in-the-know. Definitely, check out this site if you want to keep your car in tip-top shape.


Super easy way to find trustworthy repair shops near you


Women Auto Know pledges to take the fear out of auto repair and maintenance. Through education, community feedback, and peer-to-peer support, we enable women (and men) everywhere to feel educated, empowered, and in control of their vehicle maintenance and safety.Women Auto Know is here to educate and empower female drivers in the U.S.

“Resources for Drivers”

Women buy or influence the purchase of 85% of all cars. Without us, the auto industry would not thrive.

A Girls Guide To Cars

“We are a community, and we are powerful.”


Noted journalist and author Scotty Reiss put her multitude of talents toward addressing a pressing need: helping women choose and buy a vehicle wisely. To this end, she created, one of the most wide-ranging and authoritative auto information blogs available for women.


The site is the home of a community of writers, influencers, and other women who advise female consumers with shrewd and often entertaining tips on everything from auto loans to car technology, delving into vehicle ownership topics, including maintenance, road travel, computer apps, and so much more.

Readers will love vehicle reviews written by people who understand the lifestyle of today’s female car owner. If you’re looking for guidance from someone who really understands what women want and need to know about cars, hurry over to this site.


Spot-on advice in the Car Buying section


Women think about cars differently than men. Why should we talk about them, read about them and evaluate them the same way men do? A Girls Guide to Cars brings a natural and engaged conversation about cars to you, pairing it with empowering information, tactics and strategies to ensure you make a smart and comfortable decision.

There are more women drivers than men, according to a 2015 study conducted by the University of Michigan.

“Mechanics that talk like you and think like you – finally!”


Girls Auto Clinic (CAC) gives a whole new meaning to the term “full-service.” If you’ve ever wished for a convenient way to get your car repaired while getting your hair and nails done, GAC offers all that and more! Located near Philadelphia, the service is not nationwide yet, but I hope it will be soon. Can you say “franchise”?


GAC is a woman-owned and -operated business serving women primarily through an auto Repair Center—staffed by female mechanics, of course, who will happily help you understand what your car needs and why. As exciting as that is, the cherry-on-top is GAC’s Clutch Beauty Bar salon and spa, an auto-shop feature whose time has surely come. Where has this been all my life?

Through, you can request a repair quote, sign up for a Car Care Workshop, check out car-related blog posts and company products and services, connect with Clutch Beauty Bar, and join a growing community of car-savvy women. Be sure to check out this site and, if you live near Philly, stop by for a blow out while getting your blow out repaired.

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Clearly a labor of love and an ingenious godsend for today’s car-owning woman on-the-go


Girls Auto Clinic resources — our blog, website, and #sheCANic community, workshops — are judgment-free! We want women to truly feel that they can ask questions without feeling stupid, and share their stories and experiences without feeling any shame. Once you let go of those feelings, you can be on your way to becoming educated about your vehicle and start making the proper choices to take care of it!

Women make up 19% of the salesforce in the car industry, according to the most recent numbers, but nearly 90% of them leave every year.

“Just a mom who’s into cars. Deal with it.”


Prolific blogger and social media phenom, Motorhead Mama (aka Amelia Dalgaard), a self-proclaimed “car snob,” claims she’s “just a mom who’s into cars.” but that’s downplaying her footprint by a mile. She has been writing, Instagramming, and videoblogging about her passion for cars and Los Angeles car culture since 2011, and always keeps her posts fresh and engaging.

Read More... is where you go when you’re in the mood for a girlfriend’s (read: snarky but candid) perspective on a car or a reason to chuckle at the fruits of an industry that usually takes itself way too seriously. The site even features car reviews ostensibly written by Mama’s dog Gunner and they’re actually startlingly revealing. Even if you’re not that into cars, you’ll find lots of quality content here to relish and share with your friends.


The car enthusiast site for the rest of us


Cars are fun! That’s what Motorhead Mama is all about and it’s honest. I started writing Motorhead Mama anonymously because I really wanted to be as honest as possible. After I was “exposed” by a friend, I’ve tried to keep it that way, to let the devil on my shoulder speak and keep my head out of it. I know that plenty of women love cars. They just don’t consider themselves “car people” because, for so long, it’s been a man’s world and to be in it you had to be basically a mechanic. But now those days are gone ladies, so own it!

47.3% of women car shoppers prefer women dealers but women make up just 18.5% of auto dealership employees and only 8% are employed in “key” positions.

“Protecting Women”



If you’re looking to hire experts for truly comprehensive car-buying assistance, request a free consultation from Women’s Auto Connection.


An independent full-service auto consultant firm, Women’s Auto Connection provides vehicle broker and financing services designed especially for women, first-time buyers, people with little or “challenged” credit history, and other consumers who want hands-on help and a favorable purchase or lease transaction. will connect you to its finance experts for guidance on auto loans and leases, modifying terms and interest rates, or restoring credit. The company’s car insurance experts can help customers find affordable coverage too.

Look out, Craigslist! also offers a platform to list used vehicles for sale to ready cash buyers. Also on the site is a portal to the company’s own weekly radio show for women covering the automotive industry and other business topics.


Expert help for car buyers with bad credit, no credit, or a history of bankruptcy



Even the most influential and powerful women have experienced a feeling of being disrespected frustrated and are not serviced properly by dealers. We are committed to helping women experience a move favorable auto transaction when it comes to purchasing or leasing a car. We believe that visiting a dealership without representation is not in your best interest.


“Car Advice for Women and Smart Men”


Chief Car Chick™ LeeAnn Shattuck is not only a top influencer in the automotive industry, she’s also an entrepreneur, speaker, author, radio and TV host and, get this, a race driver too! is your portal to LeeAnn’s expert car-buying service.


Through the site, you can tap into LeeAnn’s “no B.S.” tips and assistance in selling your current vehicle, car maintenance and repairs, and driver safety. Additionally, is home to her video blog, links to The Car Chick podcast, and, of course, LeeAnn’s auto-racing page. Be sure to watch The CarChick’s Shut Up & Drive videoblog posts; they’re informative, smart, and fun. If you’re looking for a brilliant female authority to speak on the car industry, you can reach LeeAnn through the site’s homepage.


Car-buying advice from one of the only female celebrity brands  in the automotive industry

The Car Chick says

Women tend to care less about technical details/data and more about how to get the bottom-line information to help them make empowered financial decisions regarding car buying, selling, and maintenance. They need a resource they can TRUST to tell them the truth about what is good/bad, what their car really needs, and how much they should pay. The information has to be from a source that they TRUST and presented in way that directly relates to their busy lifestyle.

“Automotive Advice for Women”


Social media marketing expert, journalist, car care guru, safety spokesperson, and champion for women in the auto industry, Jody DeVere is the CEO of, a site that pretty much has it all when it comes to car information for female consumers as well as for any automotive business with women customers in its sights.


For consumers, offers advice and guidance on virtually everything to do with cars, from purchasing to maintenance to parts and more, via both an extensive blog and top-notch expert Q&A. For professional auto services, just enter your zip code to find local Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly® dealerships, repair shops, car washes, or virtually any type of provider you need. is the starting point for dealers and other businesses that aspire to this certification and related training and marketing support. The site is also the home of the AskPatty Women’s Automotive Speakers Bureau, which can connect you with accomplished female experts for conferences and other events.


Lots of female automotive experts ready to help you out with any car question you ask through the site


Shopping for and buying a car, buying tires, or getting your car repaired can still be a challenge for women. Ask Patty offers women a safe and reliable online source for expert automotive advice and research. All car questions are welcome and we look forward to helping you!

“The Best Car Site for Women”

About calls itself the “first comprehensive automotive website created by and for women,” and with good reason. With authentic, jargon-free vehicle reviews for both older and new models, plus a Q&A “Ask Tara” page, VroomGirls really does help women make intelligent car-buying decisions.


Whether or not you’re not sure what car you want, will help you hone your choices. You can search either by brand or by vehicle type—and the ‘types’ are unique and illuminating: mom cars, eco cars, cute cars, outdoor adventure, sexy cars, sporty, brawny cars, fido cars, SUVs, convertibles, hatchbacks,  sedans, coupes, luxury vehicles, crossovers, and minivans.

The site also includes helpful driving tips, a delightful road-travel blog, and car news.


Outstanding driving tips you may not realize you need, but most of us seriously do


Our site features honest, informative, and jargon-free vehicle reviews, features, fun road trip travel stories, and newsy items on what’s up in the car world, including how it intersects with celebrity and fashion. VroomGirls helps the woman who is searching for her next vehicle make an intelligent car-buying decision.

“America’s primary car website for Women”


ChickDriven’s mission is to help women navigate the automotive world free from intimidation. By providing helpful resources, such as candid vehicle reviews and car selection and buying advice based on women’s real-life needs and experiences, ChickDriven empowers its customers to make auto-related decisions with knowledge and that all-important sense of confidence.

Read More

The ChickDriven Advice blog touches on a refreshing mix of automotive subjects, from recommended products for drivers to female racing teams. Readers can sign up to receive auto reviews, insider tips, and other useful info for members only.


Car reviews categorized by solution: Luxury Cars, Fast Cars, Cars for Moms, Eco Cars, Safe Cars, SUVs, Cute Cars, Convertibles


12 Best Family Cars of 2017


We are motivated by empowering chicks to know what’s up when it comes to cars – and furthermore, to care. Regardless of the personal level of involvement, we promote strength and courage, to not be intimidated by the “boys club” mentality.

“The Car Coach”


If you haven’t seen Lauren Fix on TV somewhere, you haven’t been paying attention. Often called America’s top woman in auto care, education, and industry news. Lauren, the Car Coach®, is an automotive “Jill-of-all trades”: consumer advocaterenowned and trusted car pundit, author, spokesperson, speaker, television and radio personality, certified technician, and race car driver, plus she’s the founder of marketing consultant firm Automotive Aspects. Yes, Lauren does all that and more and, luckily for us, she’s happy to share her learned insights with us laypeople, much of it through her website. 

Read More..., offers up breaking auto industry news, vehicle reviews, product recommendations, and car care tips, plus an insider’s perspective on auto technology, safety, and other industry developments, connection to a book club, and so much more. In fact, it might take less time to list here what is NOT on Lauren’s site.

Especially for younger drivers, the website features “Car Coach 2.0,” an educational resource brought to you by Ms. Shelby Fix, with advice on vehicle buying, maintenance, and driving.


Everything, but if I have to choose only one: “His Turn – Her Turn” Auto Reviews


We break down the smoke and mirrors of the automotive industry. We give you information you can use to give you Car Smarts. We cover all forms of news that helps you save money, make smarter choices and be aware of what impacts your life, all from an automotive perspective. “Knowledge is power.”

Honorable Mention

Check out these women’s auto sites, too! If there are other websites we should include here, please let us know in the comments.

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