Car Maintenance Checklist

Warning Signs Your Car Needs a Tune Up


by Bill Flitter

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My wife has a 2005 Honda Pilot with over 200,000 miles on it. She loves it. She can fit all kinds of stuff in it and hall the kids around. For the most part it has been maintenance-free. Your typical oil change, regular maintenance, breaks, tires and few tweaks here and there. No major expenses. However, in the past few weeks all the maintenance lights have been lighting up the dashboard like a Christmas tree. Like any good husband, I create a car maintenance checklist and researched possible reasons why the lights have been coming on, Before bringing it to the mechanic I want to appear reasonably educated.

Thankfully for us, Streetfighter Motorsports has created this handy car maintenance checklist that explains the importance of regular maintenance and details a few pitfalls to watch out for.

Our Pilot has survived over 200K miles because we’ve been diligent on regular maintenance like the advice below.

2005 Honda Pilot - Car Maintenance Checklist

Car Maintenance Checklist – Know When It’s Time For a Tune Up.

I highlighted a few important tips from the infographic. For more details on each subject, jump to the car maintenance checklist infographic below.

Find a Mechanic at a Good Price

Estimate your maintenance expenses in your area with this handy tool from Blitzify. They do all the hard work for you to find a service provider at the best possible price.

Regular Oil Changes

One myth in the car maintenance world has been every car needs to have the oil changed every 3K miles. Not so. Today’s new cars can go up to 8K miles before an oil change. One item you can possible cross off  your car maintenance checklist – for awhile!

It's Good For The Globe

This might sound obvious but it is worth highlighting. Regular maintenance can boost your car’s performance, cut fuel costs and save the environment.


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car maintenance checklist

Infographic courtesy of Streetfighter Motorsports LLC