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[Buy Toyota 4Runner June 2017]

by Bill Flitter

Since its introduction in 1984, the Toyota 4Runner has been a staple in the sports utility vehicle market. The 2017 Toyota 4Runner marks the end of the fifth generation make of the vehicle, and the 2018 edition kicks off the sixth. So should you buy Toyota 4Runner June 2017, or is the answer depend upon where you live?

So, what has kept people coming back to the Toyota 4Runner time after time? Comfort, ingenuity, and the ability to traverse tough terrain are a few good reasons, but it’s also because of its affordability and availability. Since the start of the year, inventory levels have been high and sales have remained flat. The inventory gap and leveling sales have made this a buyer’s market, and a good time to buy a car – specifically a Toyota 4Runner, if you aren’t already considering it.

buy Toyota 4Runner June 2017

The 4Runner: Then And Now

Since the Start of 2017, More Toyota 4Runners Have Been Imported and Sold

Year-over-year, the Toyota is selling more 4Runners per month and inventory levels have more than doubled. In June 2016, 6,174 people decided to buy a Toyota 4Runners. Inventory counts totaled 5,110. This left an inventory gap of -20.82 percent and a strong market for Toyota dealers. Last month, 8,433 4Runners sold and there were 11,165 in inventory, leaving an inventory gap of 24.47 percent in favor of buyers.

This time last year, sales and inventory intersected and the 4Runner went from an inventory gap of -20.82 percent in June 2016 to 2.20 percent in July. For the last 12 months, the average inventory gap has been 20.41 percent, and it’s been a buyer’s market ever since.

Time to buy Toyota 4Runner June 2017!

Which Cities Are Best to Find and Buy Toyota 4Runner June 2017?

By price alone, the best city to buy Toyota 4Runner 2017 is in San Diego, CA, where it’s selling for $29,235. The most expensive city to buy a 4Runner is in Detroit, MI where it’s going for $36,331 – a price difference of over $7,000.

The average cost of a Toyota 4Runner across the 20 metro markets we analyzed is $33,513.

By inventory, the cities with the largest inventory-gap percentages in favor of buyers are Detroit, MI (88.75%), St. Louis, MO, (75.29%) and New York, NY, (70.76%). The city with the most 4Runners on dealer is Dallas, TX. They have a recorded 221 Toyota 4Runners in a 25-mile radius.

Running Off The Lots

Across the board, the Toyota 4Runner sells quickly. The average 4Runner will spend less than 54 days on a dealer’s lot before being sold.

The cities where the 4Runner spends the longest amount of time on lot are Minneapolis, MN and Detroit, MI. Both of these cities have the 4Runner spending about 77 days on lot before selling. Compared to the Honda CR-V, where in Denver, CO the average CR-V sits on a dealer’s lot for 127 days before being sold, the 4Runner quite literally is running off dealers’ lots.

The city with the fastest selling Toyota 4Runner is Seattle, WA, where the average 4Runner sells within 27 days.

The amount of time these vehicles spend on car lots affects the price. ‘Days on lot’ will change how much they’re selling for and the overall supply and demand.

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buy Toyota 4Runner June 2017
Buy Toyota 4Runner June 2017
Metro 4Runner Lowest Price Buy or Wait?
Atlanta $31,827
Boston $34,355
Chicago $35,308
Dallas $32,493
Denver $33,902
Detroit $36,331
Houston $33,177
Los Angeles $32,899
Miami $31,902
Minneapolis $35,043
New York $33,963
Philadelphia $33,884
Phoenix $33,198
Riverside $33,451
San Diego $29,235
San Francisco $34,681
Seattle $33,679
St. Louis $34,401
Tampa $32,944
Washington DC $33,589

Over To You

If you’re already considering it, now is generally a good time to purchase a Toyota 4Runner. In 13 of the 20 metro markets we analyzed, we encourage consumers there to buy. The 4Runner does not last long on lots. Inventory counts have been leveling out since the start of the year.

Consult with Carjojo to check the numbers in your area before buying, but the supply and demand ratios for the majority of the metros we analyzed indicate it’s a good time to buy Toyota 4Runner June 2017.

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