Black Friday falls near the end of the month and because of that, dealers are under tremendous pressure to meet sales quotas. The day after Thanksgiving will always be a boon for car buyers because of the increase in bargains and deals. In 2016, based on trends over the last decade, car buyers will see Black Friday cars being discounted by as much as 20% on some models, along with generous financing and lease deals.

Dealers and automakers want you to believe the only way to get Black Friday prices is to rush to their showrooms on Black Friday. However, if you are not ready to buy a car on that day, don’t sweat it.

The truth is, most deals for Black Friday cars are available throughout November, and many will extend well past Cyber Monday, and through December. US automakers are already offering substantial discounts, rebates and incentives to clear out 2016 and some new 2017 models.*

The best car deals may surface right around New Year’s Day, but the time to buy is between now and Early December. If you want both good prices and good selection or if your heart is set on a specific attribute, don’t get stuck buying pricey options at the end of the season.

The best place to get great deal is not at a dealership

Like Walmart and most other retail establishments, car dealers expect to be swamped on Black Friday. That means that the already arduous purchase process will be even more time consuming and stressful for car buyers: Taking a test drive, learning about the vehicle, and negotiating a price will take hours longer than normal. The crowds will create stress and that stress can make a buyer vulnerable.

The longer a buyer has to wait for a salesperson’s attention, the more likely they are to accept a deal, whether it’s what they want or not. If they can be convinced they’re getting an unbeatable, time-sensitive price anyone can become a victim of this stress-induced purchase.  Even someone who’s “just browsing” is a target for high-pressure sales on Black Friday.

Black Friday Car Buying Tips

  1. Avoid unnecessary stress: It’s never ever a good idea to buy a car in any kind of pressure situation. If you ever feel you’re being manipulated or pushed, trust your instincts and leave or you will almost certainly overpay.
  2. Separate the selection from the purchase: It’s better to test drive any cars you are considering, and ask the dealer all your questions on a day you’re not buying the vehicle. Do it when you can take all the time you need. After a leisurely day of browsing, go home and think it over before you buy the vehicle.
  3. Negotiate from home: The best place to finalize your car deal is your home. The dealership is the salesman’s territory, not yours. Negotiating from your own space gives you the advantage of having all your resources and research at your fingertips.
  4. Get quotes and compare: Phone and/or email the dealers to find the best deal BEFORE going to the dealership to buy any Black Friday cars. Get written, itemized, out-the-door price quotes from multiple dealers so you can compare pricing. This allows you to know exactly what you’re getting and for how much. Make sure rebates, incentives, taxes, extended warranties, and other add-ons are clearly noted. (This is especially important since the dealer quote could be including rebates for which you don’t even qualify—such as a Veteran’s discount that applies to veterans only, or a loyalty rebate for people who own a specific vehicle!)*
  5. Forget about Black Friday: It’s not worth the effort to phone or email a dealer on hectic days like Black Friday. Most salespeople give priority to the crowd of shoppers in front of them, not to someone phoning it in.

Black Friday cars may be a little easier to get a fantastic deal on, but if you‘ve done your research—or if you use Carjojo to do it for you or use our negotiation service—you can get an awesome deal almost any time of year. 

*Carjojo shows you the rebates and incentives you may be eligible for so you don’t miss out on the extra savings you have coming!


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