The Best Phone Apps

That Will Make Parents More Efficient In The Car

(...And The Kids Happier)

by Bill Flitter

Being a parent hasn’t gotten any easier from the time you were a kid to now. There are still dinners to make, practices to get to, and lessons to learn. Moms and dads are shuttling their kids (and probably the neighbor’s kids too) from one soccer field to the next. Not to mention the supermarket, doctor’s appointments, piano lessons, and on and on. Although the errands, chores, and activities are still the same from when you were a kid, there’s one thing that’s always evolving: technology. As in, apps are great, right? Here now are some of the best phone apps for busy moms and dads on the go.

Did you know...

The average mother spends more than an hour driving, traveling 29 miles and taking more than five trips per day.
Best Phone Apps for parents on the go

The Best Phone Apps That Make Shuttling Your Kids Around Easier

Playground Buddy

So, Susie has an orthodontist appointment at 1:30 and Bobbie’s Little League practice is at 3. What do you do for that open time between activities? Chances are, you really don’t want to go back home only to have to turn around and get the kids 10 minutes later. Why not take them to a playground in between the ortho and the baseball diamond? If that sounds good to you, then the Playground Buddy app has you covered. Basically, the app helps you find all the playgrounds convenient to where you are. Not unlike your banking app that shows you ATM locations (with a pinpoint flag on a map). Playground Buddy is free for both Android and Apple.

Best Phone Apps- A free app that helps families find playgrounds!

Kids Eat Free

Kids Eat Free works exactly as promoted: this is one of the best ways to find restaurants and eateries that have special promotions for families with kids. The app works great for when you’re picking up Susie from softball practice at 6pm and you still have no idea what’s for dinner. If you text your spouse saying, How about I bring home Mongolian beef for dinner, the kids can eat free, the response should come back positive. Kids Eat Free is free for both Android and Apple.

Best Mobile Apps - Instantly find Kids Eat Free Restaurants near you.

Did you know...

Two-thirds of all trips to drive kids to activities are made by moms.


The SaferCar app is available on the Google Playstore for free. Provided by the National Highway Safety Administration, the app provides safety and recall notifications that involve your car. You can also submit any safety complaints you have about your vehicle through the app. And, for newer parents, SaferCar also provides tips on installing car seats, which can be tricky even for veteran parents.

Best Mobile Apps - Safecar. SaferCar app provides important information and functions that will help you make informed safety decisions

Did you know...

Almost 50 percent of five- to nine-year-olds get to school by car, and only 11 percent actually walk


There’s nothing worse than being the parent who is always the last one to drop off Bobbie at football practice. Being late to activities is a pain for everyone, and many times, traffic is to blame. That’s where the Waze app comes into play. People have been using Waze for years now to be notified of of traffic delays, accidents, construction, hazards, police traps, road closures, and more. Waze is updated in real time, by real drivers. All you have to do is open the app and Waze starts reporting crowdsourced road and traffic information into the community. You can use Waze for more than just traffic alerts. For example, Waze works great for navigation and finding cheap gas. You can even connect with friends/family to keep them automatically updated on your arrival time. That way, when you’re late picking picking up Bobbie from practice, he can check Waze on his device to know exactly where you are.

Best Phone Apps - Get the best route, every day, with real–time help from other drivers.

Did you know...

The majority of women, 61 percent, make at least one stop after work and almost 30 percent make two stops or more, whereas just under half of men (46 percent) stop on the way home.

Android Auto

In many homes, there’s probably a battle raging over iOS or Android. It’s kind of like being a San Francisco Giants fan married to a Dodgers fan. There’s going to be some tension. If you happen to be on the Android side of the fence, this just might be the best phone app to convince that Apple fan in your life to hop on over. Google has Android Auto, an app that puts your phone into driving mode, so you can more easily use your phone while on the road. The app gives you big buttons to press or you can use voice commands. The app works great with Google Maps, your music and podcast apps, and, of course, your text apps. What’s even better is that Android Auto now works with any car that has a screen display. Simply connect a standard USB cable from your phone to the car’s screen to make it happen!

Best Mobile Apps - Android Auto automatically brings you useful information - like suggested destinations, upcoming appointments, and weather conditions - all organized into simple cards that appear just when they're needed.

Over To You

What are the best phone apps you use while carting the kids around? Hopefully, it’s hands-free! We don’t want anyone getting a ticket or causing an accident because they were using their phone while driving. Remember, it’s always best to pull over to use your phone if you don’t have voice commands or a phone mount.


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