About Us

We are a team of dreamers, technologists, and road warriors out to challenge the concept that car buying has to be an unpleasant experience.

Our Story

Our story is simple. We were tired of people wasting days haggling with dealers only to end up still paying too much for their new car. So we built a product that gets you the best deal with just a tap of the screen.

Our Mission

We know cars are much more than a way to get around--they’re where life happens. Carjojo's mission is to inspire life and adventure on the open road by making car buying simple, financially sound, transparent, and enjoyable.

Our Founder

Carjojo was founded by Peter Levy, a veteran entrepreneur and pioneer in the consumer automotive information space. Peter founded IntelliChoice, Inc. in 1986, which became the largest provider of consumer automobile shopping information in the US. Peter originated the concept of ownership cost measurement for consumer vehicles, a concept that is now industry standard and copied by many of today’s top automotive information firms.

Our Origin

Peter Levy created Carjojo for one reason: He was shopping for a car and wanted to get the best possible deal. But it wasn’t easy to determine the lowest price he should offer when negotiating with a car dealer. The internet should have made it easy to get a great deal. Instead the information available was inconsistent, obscure, or needlessly complex, and car-buying services were not really on the consumer’s side. The deck seemed stacked against the consumer. After weeks of research, strategizing, and back-and-forth with dealers, Peter negotiated a killer deal on the car he wanted. But, he thought, there’s got to be a better way! So he decided to create the thing his car-buying experience was missing. CARJOJO — An easy, honest, transparent way to get the very best deal on any new vehicle.

Meet the JoJos

We’re a tight-knit team driven by a singular mission: to make car-buying fun and satisfying. Our "model for business is based on The Beatles. Four guys who balanced each other, and the total was greater than the sum of the parts. That’s how we see business: Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”

What we believe:

  • We believe car buying is a pain! But it doesn’t have to be.
  • We believe car buyers spend too much time and stress trying to get the best deal, and still end up paying too much.
  • We believe many car-buying services pretend to work for the consumer, while they actually sell your contact information to a “preferred” group of dealers.
  • We believe car buyers deserve not just a good deal, but the best possible deal, and a transparent way to know it’s the best.
  • We believe the way to find you the best deal possible is to cast the widest and most unbiased net possible, then analyze and analyze. Only Carjojo tracks and constantly updates inventory of virtually every new car dealer nationwide.
  • We believe you don’t have to speak to anybody to get the best car deal. You never have to haggle with a car dealer. We will do it for you.
  • We believe if you enjoy negotiating with car dealers, the tools you need to drive the best bargain should be easy to get and use.
  • We believe your privacy should be respected and you should never be spammed by dealers.
  • We believe you can actually have fun buying a new car.

Our Philosophy:

We promise to

  • Treat customers right, every time.
  • Treat employees right, every time.
  • Create products that solve real problems and make people’s lives better.
  • Work hard but have fun or it’s just not worth it.


It’s a simple philosophy, but it drives every single thing we do.