2017 Toyota 4Runner Specs

That Will Make You Happy

And Keep Everyone Safe

by Bill Flitter

My wife and I are seriously considering buying a new SUV. Her Honda Pilot is now 10 years old and starting to feel a bit worn out. We need a bigger car. As of now, we have been looking at the 2017 Honda Pilot pretty seriously. Then we went camping with a few family friends last weekend. I noticed one of the dads driving a Toyota 4Runner. It looked like a large, sturdy SUV, and he says he loves it. So I figured I’d research the latest tech features and other 2017 Toyota 4Runner specs.

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2017 Toyota 4Runner Specs and Tech Features

My image of the 4Runner has always been a truck. It’s rugged with lots of torque for off-roading and no luxury interior features. I was quite surprised to find a rugged, torque-filled truck WITH LOTS of luxury interior features. I’ve highlighted many of them below.

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Entune App Suite

The Entune App Suite is Toyota’s version of Apple Carplay and Auto Android. It’s a suite of apps, including Destination Search, OpenTable, and Pandora. It also includes apps like Facebook Places, Yelp, and iHeartRadio.

2017 Toyota 4Runner Specs

Integrated Navigation

With cars like Honda, I would use Google Maps through my phone for driving directions. With Toyota I would use Integrated Navigation, which provides turn by turn directions. It also provides HD radio, technology predictive traffic, and Doppler weather radar.

All of this information is shown on the 6.1 inch touch screen display.

2017 Toyota 4Runner Specs


Bluetooth connectivity almost seems like a standard now and not featured technology. It’s still good to know that the 2017 Toyota 4Runner does have Bluetooth. You can connect your phone to the car for hands-free phone usage, phone book access, advanced voice recognition, and music streaming.

2017 Toyota 4Runner Specs


OK, so the audio specs did make me sit up and pay attention. The audio in the 4Runner consists of 15 speakers and includes a subwoofer. It’s part of the 4Runner’s Limited JBL audio system. It must sound amazing!

2017 Toyota 4Runner Specs

Safety Tech

The technology would feel limited if it was only for entertainment and navigation. Safety tech is just as important and Toyota has you covered. The 2017 Toyota 4Runner specs include a standard, integrated backup camera.

This is helpful for not only backing into a tight spot, but it can help you hitch your trailer as well.The 4Runner Limited’s standard sonar sensors help out with parallel parking to detect objects. If the sonar detects you’re too close, it warns you with a series of tones.

Additional safety tech includes eight airbags and side-impact door beams. A tire pressure monitor system and ToyotaCare are also options for you. The 4Runner also has available the Star Safety System.

This features vehicle stability, traction control and antilock brakes. It also includes smart stop technology.Then there’s also Safety Connect, which provides 24 hour roadside assistance.

2017 Toyota 4Runner Specs

Power Rear Glass

Having a rear glass window that actually rolls down is one feature that separates the 4Runner from the others. Toyota has the only SUV that has a powered rear glass that rolls down at the push of a button.

2017 Toyota 4Runner Specs

Sliding Rear Cargo Deck

A sliding rear cargo deck is another feature I haven’t seen on any other SUVs. The sliding cargo deck can support up to 440lbs.

It can help you access your gear better by sliding it slightly out of the cargo area.

Smart Key

The 2017 Toyota 4Runner does feature a Smart Key. This means you can turn on your interior lights by simply approaching the vehicle. You can also open doors and the liftgate at a touch of a handle.

Furthermore, you can start your SUV by simply pressing a button.

Power Outlets

One feature that I’m definitely looking for in a new SUV is power outlets and USB plugs. The 4Runner has a 120V AC power outlet in the cargo area for keeping things like phones fully charged.

There’s also a USB 2.0 port in the cabin.

2017 Toyota 4Runner Specs

Over to You

In short, the 2017 Toyota 4Runner specs have a lot to offer. Its great navigation, entertainment, and safety technology are making me really appreciate it. It’s really making me think twice about that Pilot…

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