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[Hybrid SUV Sales Lag Way Behind Gas-Powered Siblings]

by Bill Flitter

Hybrids have come a long way since the Toyota Prius debuted on the market in the year 2000. Fast forward to today and we now have 2017 Hybrid SUVs and trucks.

As compact SUV sales continue to soar in almost every state, we were curious to know, how are the eco-friendly versions of these vehicles faring?

While most brands offer some sort of fuel efficiency in their compact SUV models, we learned, this completely separate line of 2017 hybrid SUVs account for a growing percent of the total SUV market.


Sales of 2017 Hybrid SUVs Lag Behind Their Gas-Powered Siblings

2017 Hybrid Suvs, or vehicles with more than one power source – such as a traditional engine and fuel tank as well as one or more electric motors and a battery pack, have continued to improve over the last several years. Technology has come a long way, as has the range these vehicles are able to travel before powering up again.

Simultaneously, and perhaps because of their expanding functionality, the demand for these vehicles continues to rise. That’s because most drivers are trading in their taste for over-sized, gas-powered SUVs for crossover and compact SUVs that offer the same or similar storage space without the hefty gas bill.

Arguably, this segment of vehicles is still very much in its infancy. Lucky for drivers today, there are plenty of different styles and price points to choose from.

Did you know...

2017 Hybrid SUV sales are only 10% of overall SUV sales

Top 12 Best-Selling 2017 Hybrid SUVs

No. 1: Toyota RAV4
Since the start of the year, over 30,000 Toyota RAV4s have been brought into the U.S., and nearly 28,000 of them have sold. Representing the lion’s share of the total hybrid SUV market share, the Toyota RAV4 accounts for 41 percent of hybrid SUVs sold since January.

But the Toyota RAV4 comes in a variety of models, including the Toyota RAV4 LE, RAV4 XLE, RAV4 XLE Hybrid, RAV4 SE, RAV4 Limited, RAV4 Limited Hybrid. Since the start of the year, nearly 250,000 Toyota RAV4s have sold in the U.S., of which the hybrid models accounted for 11 percent of those sales.

All of this leads us to believe a couple of things: the hybrid models are selling almost as quickly as they are being shipped in, and although sales are impressive and climbing, there is still more in store for the hybrid segment.

No. 2: Kia Niro
Say that name five times fast…

The Kia Niro model comes only as a hybrid and sales since January make up 23 percent of the total hybrid SUVs sold since January. Since the start of the year nearly 16,000 have been sold in the U.S.

No. 3: Toyota Highlander
Like the Toyota RAV4, the Toyota Highlander comes in a variety of models. The hybrid version represented a little less than 8 percent of the nearly 128,000 Highlanders sold in the U.S.

To us, this spells opportunity. Like other brands, Toyota will continue to tip the hybrid scale as technology improves and popularity for the hybrid model of each make increases.

The Highlander holds 15 percent of the market share in hybrid SUV sales since the start of 2017.

No. 4: Lexus RX
Nearly 4,800 Lexus RXs have sold since January. This represents 8 percent of the total Lexus RX models sold. The hybrid Lexus RX makes up 7 percent of the total hybrid SUVs sold since the start of the year.

No. 5: BMW X5
With nearly 2,500 hybrid BMW X5 models sold, this represents over 9 percent of the 27,000 X5s sold since the start of January.

Sales of the BMW X5 make up 4 percent of the total hybrid SUV sales since the start of the year.

No. 6: Volvo XC90
A little over 14,000 Volvo XC90s have sold since January, of which 12 percent were the hybrid model.

No. 7: Lexus NX
The Lexus NX and the Volvo XC90 share nearly identical sales since the start of the year – 1,500 hybrid Lexus NXs have sold, compared to 1,600 Volvo XC90s, both of which make up 2 percent of the hybrid SUV sales market since January.

Of the 33,000+ Lexus NX models sold, 5 percent were the hybrid option.

No. 8: Porsche Cayenne
At 23, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche built his first car, the Lohner Electric Chaise. It was the world’s first front-wheel-drive vehicle. Porsche’s second car was a hybrid, which used an internal combustion engine to spin a generator that provided power to electric motors in the wheel hubs. Running on battery alone, the Porsche could travel almost 40 miles.

Minor detour in history, but all to say Porsche is not new to the hybrid market.

Since the start of 2017, over 1,200 Porsche Cayenne hybrids have sold, which makes up 12 percent of all Cayenne models sold.

No. 9: Chrysler Pacifica
Just over 2,000 Chrysler Pacifica hybrids have been in inventory since the start of the year, and nearly 1,200 have already sold. This is impressive, but not when looking at all of the Pacifica models sold since the start of the year. Nearly 58,000 Chrysler Pacificas sold between January and August, so the hybrid model made up just 2 percent of the total sales.

No. 10: Acura MDX
The Acura MDX tells a similar story. Two percent of the nearly 32,000 MDX models sold were hybrids.

The hybrid Acura MDX accounts for one percent of the hybrid SUV market since the start of the year.

No. 11: Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class
With less than one percent of the total hybrid SUV market, 200 of the hybrid model of the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class have sold so far this year.

No. 12: Volvo XC60
Lastly, but representing 30 percent of all Volvo XC60s sold since the start of the year, the hybrid XC60 model makes up one quarter of one percent of the total hybrid SUVs sold in the U.S.

1/3 of all Volvo XC60 sales is a Hybrid

Top 12 Best-Selling 2017 Hybrid SUVs Since the Start of the Year

Note: The Kia Niro only comes as a Hybrid

The Future Looks Promising for Hybrid SUvs

Over 67,000 2017 hybrid SUVs have sold since January. To meet the demand, inventory levels are rising across dealer lots as more and more SUV drivers turn to alternative hybrid models.

Natural disasters, like the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey hitting off the coast of Texas last month, and the almost immediate rise of gas prices across the country as a result, is only expected to fuel the demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles, hybrid SUVs included.

Short-term and long-term projections for this segment of the SUV market show an arrow heading straight for the upper-right of the charts and is definitely a group of vehicles we will be watching closely here at Carjojo.

2017 Hybrid SUVs Units Sold Market Share (compared to all Hybrids) All Sales for Same Model Hybird Marketshare (compared to gas)
Toyota RAV4 27,811 41.41% 249,355 11.15%
Kia Niro 15,720 23.40% 15,720 100.00%
Toyota Highlander 9,736 14.50% 127,863 7.61%
Lexus RX 4,757 7.08% 58,912 8.07%
BMW X5 2,493 3.71% 27,263 9.14%
Volvo XC90 1,652 2.46% 14,039 11.77%
Lexus NX 1,523 2.27% 33,277 4.58%
Porsche Cayenne 1,208 1.80% 10,027 12.05%
Chrysler Pacifica 1,170 1.74% 57,984 2.02%
Acura MDX 677 1.01% 31,673 2.14%
Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class 253 0.38% 27,853 0.91%
Volvo XC60 166 0.25% 557 29.80%
Total 67,166 654,523 10.26%


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