The Best New 2017 Honda Pilot

Specs And Other Amazing

Tech Features

by Bill Flitter

My family has seriously outgrown our Pilot, not to mention both cars are over 10 years old. So we are definitely in the market for a new car. Actually, we are in the market for an SUV and are particularly looking at the 2017 Honda Pilot Touring. My kids are partial to the Diamond White with the rear entertainment. This is my take on the 2017 Honda Pilot Specs.

After test driving the Pilot Touring, I have to say, I was extremely impressed by Honda and what they have done with the Pilot. It’s spacious with plenty of legroom and the tech features are numerous. I’ll start running down a partial list.

2017 Honda Pilot Specs

2017 Honda Pilot Specs and Tech Features

Parking Assist

The parking assist feature comes in very handy when you’re pulling into or out of a tight spot. The Pilot’s sensors will go off if you get too close to any object and it will tell you where the object is.

For example, imagine you’re in a parking garage and there’s a large column behind you. You’re in reverse and about to hit it. The car will emit a loud beeping sound and lights will show on the dash where the object is. You’ll see a figure of the Pilot and orange warning lines where the object is as well.

2017 Honda Pilot Specs


The Touring model comes with Pandora and a free three month subscription to SiriusXM radio. To get Pandora to work, you do need to synch your phone with the Pandora app installed with the car. The sales rep will happily do that for you when going over the details of the car. It’s very easy to do on your own as well.

After your phone is paired with your car, the two will synch each and every time you enter the vehicle, If you’ve already played Pandora once, then the second time you enter the car the music will start right up again. Just as if you were simply turning on the radio.

2017 Honda Pilot Specs

Automatic Cruise Control with Lane Assist

This is an interesting feature that can be very useful. Basically, when you set the cruise control, you also turn on the Lane Keep Assistant, which does three things.

1) You set a constant speed for the Pilot.

2) If the Pilot gets too close to the car in front, then it will slow you down. You can control how far away the other car is before your Pilot slows down.

3) The Lane Assistant will guide your Pilot back into the lane if it determines you’re drifting over the lane markers. This is a great feature for long road trips down mostly empty highways.

2017 Honda Pilot Specs

Rear And Side Cameras

The rear camera is awesome for when you’re backing up and you need to see what is directly behind you. If you prefer backing your Pilot up to park, then you’ll never hit another curb, pole, or stray bike left in the driveway again.

There’s also a camera on the right side mirror, which turns on automatically when you turn on the right turn signal. When you’re on the highway, the camera provides a great view of your blind spot with distance markers to show how far away vehicles in the right lane are.

2017 Honda Pilot Specs


The Navigation package comes standard on the Touring and it does use Garmin technology. If you’ve ever used a Garmin before, then you’ll instantly recognize the large icons. You’ll know how to enter and save destinations.

You do not need a subscription service for this feature, but I was told that customers will receive update emails asking if you want to update the maps and addresses for a fee.

Android Auto and Apple Carplay

This tech feature on the list of the 2017 Honda Pilot specs will surely be the death of the Navigation package. Android Auto and Apple Carplay put the power of your phone directly on the Pilot’s touchscreen. For me, that means Google Maps, Spotify, and text messages. Emails, and phone calls will come directly through my phone and into the Pilot.

If you do receive a text message while driving, then the SUV will read the message to you. It will then ask if you want to reply. If you say, Yes, then you can voice dictate your response. There’s also a button on the steering wheel that you can press to talk directly to the car/phone.

2017 Honda Pilot Specs

Rear Entertainment

The rear entertainment that comes standard on the Pilot Touring includes several things. It has a Blu-Ray player, but you can also plug in iPods, tablets, and even gaming systems. So you or the kids can listen to music or play games.

There’s even a detachable remote if they can’t reach up to the ceiling for the controls. And, on top of all that, the Touring also comes with two wireless headsets. They come in handy for those times when the driver doesn’t want to listen to all the noise coming from the back.

2017 Honda Pilot Specs

Over to You

All-in-all, the 2017 Honda Pilot Specs are stacked with both safety and entertainment technology that will make driving that much easier and enjoyable. I think my family is sold! Which tech features are your favorite? Check out the Honda CRV Specs 2017 and the 2017 Toyota 4Runner Specs.


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