The Best 2017 Honda CRV

Specs And Other Amazing Tech Features

by Bill Flitter

My family is seriously considering a new SUV and we’re looking at the Honda CRV specs. We are definitely starting to lean towards the 2017 Honda CRV. Although we are still looking into the Honda Pilot and the Toyota 4Runner, and possibly the Honda Odyssey now. But first, we knew we had to do some research as cars have changed a lot since the last time we bought a new one (close to 10 years now).

My wife is currently looking into the Honda CRV and is starting to love it. So we thought we’d take a look at CRV specs and other features it has to offer.

honda crv specs 2017

2017 Honda CRV Specs and Tech Features

Drive-Assistive Technology

One of the biggest tech advancements Honda has made with the CRV is in Driver-assistive technology. But what the heck is that? Basically, it’s a combination of a Lane Keeping Assist System; Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-speed Follow; Auto High-beam Headlights; and a Blind-Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Monitor.

All of these features help the driver—and the family—stay safe. It keeps you on the road and not colliding with other cars and pedestrians. The Lane Keeping Assist and the Adaptive Cruise Control are both part of the Honda Sensing technology.

honda crv specs 2017

Touch-Screen Display

When considering tech features on a car, you might immediately think of a 7-inch high-resolution touch-screen display with customizable feature settings.

And yes, the 2017 Honda CRV has one of those. It also includes options such as HondaLink (think roadside assistance) and standard options such as Apple CarPlay; Android Auto; SiriusXM Radio; SMS text message functions; and USB ports (both in the front and second row) to keep your phones and tablets charged.

honda crv specs 2017


One thing you can control with that 7-inch touch-screen is the CRV’s audio, which boasts of a 180-watt system with 6 speakers throughout the vehicle. There’s a wide range of options of what to play over all those speakers; the CRV’s audio system includes Pandora compatibility, SiriusXM, and Bluetooth streaming (from your phone).

The CRV also features speed-sensitive volume so that when the car speeds up, the volume goes up, and when the car slow down, the volume goes down.

honda crv specs 2017


And then there’s the tech that you might not think of as tech, but it definitely takes technology to make these features happen, like a Remote Entry System, Smart Entry, Remote Engine Start, Electric Parking Brake with Automatic Brake Hold, and an Eco-Assist System.

Says Honda, “On CR-V EX, EX-L and Touring models, you can walk up to your CR-V, unlock the door, start and drive the car, shut off the car and lock the doors as you walk away, without ever having to touch your key. When the key remote is within 32 inches of a front door, it will unlock with a mere touch of the handle. The rear liftgate is accessed in a similar manner.”

The Electric Parking Brake is new feature I haven’t seen before; it basically replaces the lever that used to sit between the front seats next to the center console. It is now a button that’s up on the dashboard. With a press of a button and a tap of the brake or gas, you can easily engage or disengage the parking brake.


It definitely takes great technology to make a car environmentally friendly, and the 2017 Honda CRV is no different. The current Eco Assist System is an upgraded version of what my wife’s 2010 CRV has. Eco Assist “can help improve fuel economy by adjusting the performance of the engine, transmission, climate control system, and cruise control.”

Simply press the ECON Button to turn the system on or off. In addition, there are “ambient meter color-coded bars around the speedometer, which change based on your driving style.” The bars turn either white, light green, or green depending on how fast you accelerate (the slower you accelerate the better fuel economy).

honda crv specs 2017

Over to You

Based on these tech features alone, it makes an easy sell of the 2017 Honda CRV. Which tech features would you add to the the list of Honda CRV specs? Are you a fan of the new features of the 2017 CRV?


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